babe's cake fantasies or "how luck came into the jar?"

In my childhood, luck was sweet, sensual and smelt of vanilla. it came out of my grandmother's stove. she had a distinctive sense for indulgence and composed passionate, sweet creations. "only what nature is handing you", was her adamant doctrine. and nature gave in abundance: eggs laid by "Berta" the chicken, apples and strawberries grown in one's own garden, butter and milk from the farmer next door. the delightful results warmed my heart and taught me the art of savouring.

I am fulfilling a dream and bake luck in a jar. I keep the tradition of my grandmother in high esteem and solely use natural produce: seasonal and, whenever possible, regional ingredients, eggs and butter from chosen farmers, real bourbon vanilla, unrefined whole cane sugar, pure spelt flour. poppy seeds from Waldviertel and liqueurs from local producers, high cocoa content chocolate.

all of my cakes are lovingly baked by hand and preserved in premium Weck jars. they should seduce, spoil or reconcile, are meant to be given as presents or to simply enjoy by yourself.

Brigitte Reifetzhammer
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